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Release of “The Mother Plunker”

DuVig Brewing Company Releases the ‘Mother Plunker Ale’

The Moxie Ale is a unique beer developed by DuVig Brewing Company in collaboration with Moxie Bar and Restaurant. DuVig Brewing Company brews this unique Amber Ale specifically for Moxie. This style of beer is called Red Ale in some regions and Amber Ale in others. While there is ambiguity, people are beginning to think of the two as different substyles. This beer is more in style with the Amber Ale because it is a gentler, more malt-focused beer with an even balance of malt and hops. The rich malt flavors have pronounced caramel laced with rich dark grain flavors that are refreshing but not sweet. The malt body is gently accented with light bitterness and just a touch of citrus that finishes crisp and clean. The beer can be consumed as a thirst quencher at cold temperatures (35-38 F) or as a rich sipping beer at warmer temperatures (45-50 F).

The Mother Plunker is available beginning Friday, 3/6/15!